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An assortment of my ramblings and musings.


A lot of people talk about me and my company, however, it’s really only me who knows my life. This blog tells you a little about myself, what makes me tick, and how proud I am of the great people in the Darlo Group.


What’s it all about? Living in a world that I like to chat about. Observations on the world around me, and other random musings about living and life in the 21st century. These ideas inspire my entrepreneurship.


Learning is an ongoing passion. I’m always curious, often to my detriment. I really like to learn about new things and new ideas. Here I share resources, books, and knowledge that I’ve acquired or been given.

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There are lots of areas that keep my interest. These include learning new things, reading, fitness, and journal writing.

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Henry David Thoreau

Without a doubt my favourite writer is Henry David Thoreau.

At university, I was fortunate enough to take an American history class that taught key periods and events through literature. While only around 20 when I first read Walden, the impact was immediate and profound.

The transcendental philosophy, American optimism, and self-reliance were all appealing.

Only a couple of years later, I flew from Australia and walked from Concord to Walden Pond. (It was a much longer walk than I anticipated).

I also visited the grave of my hero, Henry David Thoreau.


I have spent a good part of my life working on the Darlo brand.

Darlo is a celebration of creativity, inspiration and imagination. It’s about dreaming of new projects and ideas, and putting the resources and actions behind them to see them come to life.

It’s also an ethics. About what we will and won’t accept from others. Only the best people survive, and that’s why we have an exceptionally great team and culture.

Venture in and I’ll tell you a few stories about our various services and products.

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Scrap Book

As a curious person, I like to find new and interesting things.

So this part of my blog is dedicated to profiling other people and things: like great young new businesses starting out, reflections on people and places, and general facts, figures and random things that have caught my attention.

A scrap book of sorts.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined …