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Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

I really hate clutter. The loads of stuff that people have all around – papers, books, clothes, junk.

While I struggle with many things, one thing I’m sure about is that minimalism, digital minimalism, or any other kind of minimal living, is a way to make life more enjoyable and relaxing.

Digital minimalism is often understood as just basic stripping back of online software.

For me, it is a system of living.

It includes:

  • Keeping files organised and tidy
  • Selecting programs and software to make life great
  • Stopping using things that don’t need to be used
  • Eliminating hardware as much as possible.
  • Looking after your tools
  • Avoiding clutter as much as possible – for instance, paper, books etc.

A few myths I think aren’t great:

Some people say you should have one file or folder and dump everything there. For me, that’s like saying dump all your books in one place and cover them up. You’ll find it when you can.

My view is that it really is worth the effort to simplify.

It’s like my favourite author, Thoreau, wrote: “Simplify, simplify”.

Another is that clutter is great. It makes the office attractive, productive, and cosy. Yes, it can. But it is basically nesting. If you want to nest, get surrounded by clutter. If you want to explore, clutter is just holding you back.

The benefit of decluttering is that you can carry less things. More focus and more clarity on creating and enjoying beautiful things.

If you are working in a business, you owe it to your employer or clients to be able to have simple, clear solutions for them. To have easy to access folders and files. Digital minimalism helps to streamline, focus, and create value.

When it comes to design, you can create digital minimalism in a few ways. Remove extra things. Keep white space. Enjoy the clarity and focus.