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Got to Get Some Positivity

Focusing on the positivity is a choice. It is really critical to eliminate any ideas, situations or people that don’t lead some positive outcome.

I learned this the hard way. While there are some absolute losers, there are a lots of great people, too.

For around a decade, I travelled around the world, living in different countries, learning about different cultures, and negotiating difficult situations. (As an aside there is nothing more thrilling than arriving in a non-English speaking country and trying to work your way through the culture).

In addition to this, I have been a lecturer, writer, and entrepreneur for many years. This line of work has led me to meet thousands of people from the around the world, and probably hire just about as many people.

What I have found is that people around the world are basically the same.

There are some people full of great energy, and you can feel the vibe a mile off. There are others who carry a heaviness and negativity.

While there is no judgement on people, to be an entrepreneur, I’ve learnt, that you need to gravitate towards those with positive energy. Leave negative people alone. You can’t carry them along with you.

Positive people tend to have an abundant view of the world, and a growth mindset. Those with a growth mindset are understanding and aware of what is takes to make a project work. Those with a fixed mindset have little awareness and often nitpick and rush to judgement. Leave people with a fixed mindset to work with those they are comfortable with. I have got no time for that.

Choosing to be positive is a choice. In life, as in entrepreneurship, there are lots of ‘no’s’, mistakes and rejections. There’s a load of failure, and also successes.

Without a positive attitude it is simply not possible to endure the inevitable ups and downs of business development. It is also not possible to make the world a better place. A positive attitude is important to be adaptable, changeable and flexible to new opportunities.

Whenever it is tough to stay possible, I usually take the following steps:

– Think about the good times and great clients and projects we’ve worked with.
– Gravitate towards positive people and positive literature and art
– Slow down and appreciate all the gifts and opportunities I’ve been given
– Cut out any negative influences, especially those with a competitive or scarcity view
– Meditate (or float) and focus on gratitude
– Dream of pleasant things and new creative projects

So when you got to get some positivity, it’s nice to move towards the great, and put a comfortable bit of distance between anything or anyone who is not supportive or encouraging.

Positivity is a choice. And it is the one I choose.