About Darlo Inc.

About Darlo

A collection of recollections and stories about different services in the Darlo Group.


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Darlo.com is the homepage of the customer. It’s really the canvas of the group. It’s interesting that whenI started Darlo, I already had a vision of a multi divisional company from the get go. (This is explained in about me section of this site). As a canvas we splash paint on it as new services emerge and we create.


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Coursewriter.com specialises in writing academic, professional and technical courses. Having spent 25 years writing courses, and have a huge catalogue of courses, I decided to donate my course catalogue to Darlo and our clients. Lots of great courses there.


Darlo Digital is a really interesting project that Darlo Group Inc has taken on board. After being contacted by Duke University, speaking to a colleague at Wharton Business School, as well as highlighted in various conversations that Buzz, our charismatic US Sales head, had with clients, the group invested substantially into a game development team. They are doing wonderful things.

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I started Darlo Technical Writing as the first service of the company. It grew substantially to focus on running tender writing and technical writing workshops, writing technical communications and tender documentation.

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Academic staff is a recruitment service. The real benefit of academic staff is that universities and colleges in non-English speaking parts of the world can access teaching and academic staff from English speaking countries. The service is simple, just post an advertisement and collect resumes. I was really happy to help the Hong Kong education bureau to recruit English speaking teachers.

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Home School Maze has been set up to help develop resources and learning assets for home schooling. With our commitment to home schooling, I am proud of the team developing great learning resources to help families. The concept behind home school maze is that despite a lot of confusion and different paths to go with learning, our team helps show the way. Just like a guide through a maze.

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As a big fan of the United States, I have always been interested in the American ‘experiment’ of pursuing freedom and democracy. It’s evident that there is vigorous debate on

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my favourite food is sushi

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